August 23, 2016


Dating Tip #1 SMILE!

The Commandments

Act like a lady

This means being polite and follow common laws of etiquette such as saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.” Do not cuss. Men admire, trust and respect women with good manners. This includes not chasing him by calling or emailing him excessively, it will make you look desperate and crazy.

Act like a gentleman

This means being polite and follow common laws of etiquette such as saying “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.” Women admire and respect a man who still believes in chivalry. This includes being attentive and making her feel safe and letting her know that you respect her.

Do not drink too much on the first date

Although it may be very tempting, in order to relax, drinking more than two alcoholic beverages could impair your judgment. Stay clear and focused, and never allow yourself to become sloppy or drunk. Remember — two drinks maximum!


Honor thy dating commitments

When a man calls you, he will offer you dinner, but you have the right to reduce the date to drinks, lunch, brunch, coffee, etc. However, If you suggest less than dinner, that sends the clear message that you are auditioning him and you don’t have time to share an entire meal with him. If you are marriage minded, know that this will turn off monogamous men. Please do not make other plans immediately following the date. He will notice if you are constantly looking at your phone, and he will be unimpressed. It’s important to remember that even if your date is not your dream guy, you are gathering information and experience, called Dating Data, that you will use on future dates with someone more to your liking.

Don't talk about wanting/having kids before you are in a intimate committed relationship

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that within the first few dates is that they start talking about wanting to have kids way too soon, even before they are intimate. And YES there really is such thing as too soon!

As a man you may not ask if she wants kids unless you guys are in a monogamous relationship or you have been in an intimate relationship, and you are considering making her the mother of your children. When you are asking her if she wants kids, what most women are hearing is...I might want to have kids with you. (So now she is under the impression that you would want her to be the mother of your kids. When you are simply asking if she would want to have kids one day...You just planted a seed) The truth is that around 95% of women who don't have them want to have them one day, and in some cases even if she doesn't want them now, she can always change her mind. Because if she answers honestly it will put too much pressure on such a brand new relationship. Get to know her first. And just to be clear, we are not saying to lie to her if you are 100% sure that you don't want kids at all/with her, we do believe in being honest 100% we are simply saying that bring that subject up once you have a steady relationship.

As a woman don't bring it up too soon, it makes you look desperate even if you are not. Get to know him first. Even when a man wants kids, he will NOT give just anyone kids, (which we are sure you would not either, otherwise you would have have one/them by now) if you come off pushy he will automatically shut down and will be completely turned off. If you are just looking to have children this service is not for you, our clients have way too much to lose to be having babies with just anyone. 


Don’t be a GOLD DIGGER

Never ask or hint for anything of monetary value. If one of our clients offers to buy you a designer watch or handbag or anything else of worth, you may accept. – but DO NOT EVER bring up the subject.

If you are struggling financially do not tell him about it or hint that you are in a financial bind, it will just turn him off completely! (Get a second job if needed and come back to us when you are back on your feet) We cater to eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that have their act together. Our clients will support their girlfriend or wife but NOT someone who they just met and are getting to know.


Be engaging & always SMILE

Respond to his questions with positive energy and enthusiasm, and stay on neutral subjects like the arts and current events in the beginning. Witty banter is very important. Ask interesting questions, be a good listener as well as an active participant, and get to know him. Eye contact is important, too – let him look into those baby blues, big browns or gorgeous greens and make sure you look into his. Don’t forget to SMILE


Let the man take the lead and avoid bringing personal baggage to the table

Let the man lead by suggesting a restaurant and making plans for the first date, but let him know in a gracious manner, if you would rather go to another establishment or do something else.

In the beginning, it is best not to bring up any of your deep personal issues; he’s not your therapist (and you’re not his). This often happens with when excessive alcohol and/or chemistry are present. Deep, personal history is simply too much intimate information for him to process in the beginning. If you want to be in a healthy, loving, committed relationship it is important to let the man lead the conversation in the beginning and ask the questions. The conversation should become a ping-pong match, with the gentleman serving and you responding with information about yourself when he asks.


Not, under any circumstances, speak of any other romantic relationships

Men don’t want to hear about their competition just as you don’t want to hear about yours. Focus on the date at hand. Men want to date trustworthy women in whom they can confide. If a gentleman questions you about other men just reply with, “That’s unimportant. What is important is that I’m here with you now.” (don’t forget to SMILE) It’s helpful if you don’t have your ex’s name tattooed on your arm.


Return calls promptly

It’s important to return a gentleman’s telephone call within 24 hours on weekdays, or within 72 hours on weekends or holidays, if you really can’t get away for just a couple minutes, shoot a text and let them know when is a good time to talk. Busy men become perturbed if they don’t hear back from you within that time frame. They will lose interest in you and move on to the next girl if you do not return their calls in a timely fashion. (Remember the beginning of a relationship is when we set the tone, later they will think it’s ok to do it to you.)


(If Interested) express some interest

Don’t play hard to get if you like him. A man likes genuine compliments just as much as you do (and maybe even more) so don’t be afraid to tell him he’s handsome, interesting or funny. Offering to cook a meal for him is an exceptional, appreciative gesture. If you are not a great cook, or order from your favorite take out. But do not offer to outright pay for something: once a woman touches money/credit card in front of a male she becomes masculine energy, which is undesirable. Once you are in a committed relationship, however, paying for things in his presence is perfectly acceptable.


Do not become intimate on the first date

If you’re interested in him, a hug and kiss must suffice. We suggest taking it slow and getting to know your perspective mate really well and until you are both monogamous. NEVER assume that you are monogamous, unless he asks you to be monogamous, committed and exclusive with you, and he tells you that he is as well.


Do not talk about ANY other dating service

If you are a part of any other dating service or dating app, do not bring that up and if you are asked diffuse the conversation and tell him/her that you cannot talk about that since its part of our terms of service you are not to speak or ask about other services.

Don't ask for pictures before you meet

In order to remain in our club you may not ask for pictures or send any pictures for privacy reasons, just know that not all of our clients get them. We have different packages for everyone, if somebody gets pushy or asks for them you must let us know ASAP. (Through email) That is against Club rules and we will make sure that our Clients and Candidates follow them.

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